Ceren, 52, Turkey


I reached MedLife by mere chance. Last summer I came to visit the family of my sister, who married in Romania. At a certain point during the visit, I started having abdominal pain and my appetite went low. I was also losing weight since a while, but I never paid attention to this issue. Because I was not feeling well at all, my sister urged me to go to a doctor for a check-up. So we reached MedLife for a gastroenteorologic control.


As the doctor suspected something, he recommended me to do a colonoscopy. I followed the procedure, but at a certain point the doctor told me that something blocked the probe, and after the first data analysed, he mentioned a tumour. He spoke calmly so as not to scare me and recommended me to do a CT examination. The results showed that I had an approximatively 10 cm tumour, located in the rectum, and metastases to the uterus.  I could not wait, the pain was growing on and on so I went to Dr. Gabriel Matei, surgeon at Life Memorial Hospital who, after the case evaluation, told me that I was at risk of getting an intestinal obstruction and surgery was needed to mount a clearance stoma. I talked to the oncologist and started the treatment.


 After three months I made a new set of investigations - the tumour diminished significantly and then we were able to intervene surgically and extract it. This intervention involved a general surgeon and gynaecologist team. After a month since the operation I returned for the last intervention, colostomy removal and intestinal tract reintegration.


Today I can say that I'm alive and I won because of a quickly reacting team, very professional in the approach, exactly when most needed.