IVF pregnancy


The evolution of the pregnancy achieved through IVF is similar to the one achieved naturally. The same as in the case of the spontaneous pregnancy, there is the risk of miscarriage or ectopic implantation (extrauterine), as well as the risk of subsequent complications, especially for pregnant patient over the age of 37 or with multiple pregnancies.


The chance of obtaining a pregnancy after an IVF cycle with 2 quality embryos transferred into the uterus is, on average, 30-40%. The chances decrease by 10% after the age of 40 and depend on lots of individual factors.


Multiple pregnancy appears in 20-25% of the cases, depending on the number and stage of the embryos transferred in the uterus.


The risk of spontaneous abortion is of 20-25%, slightly increased for patients compared to spontaneous pregnancies (15-20%).


The risk of ectopic pregnancy is of 5% and is favored by the previous inflammation of the uterine tubes.


The severe tube pathology of the hydrosalpinx type reduces to half the chances of a pregnancy through IVF (in this case a surgical treatment is recommended before starting the IVF procedure).


The risk of malformation of the fetus is of 3-4%,  similar to the cases of spontaneous pregnancies, but it increases with age, especially after the age of 38.