International certification for quality and safety

MedLife is the medical institution that dedicates all its resources to ensure professional medical services at the highest standards, a state of the art technological support under immaculate safety and comfort conditions for each patient and their family.

We have permanently developed in an attempt to be able to satisfy the most strict and complex requests in the medical field, and as a guarantee of the quality of our services, we have gained the international certification – ISO 9001, the standard being applicable ever since 2004.

In parallel, we have also gained the international certification ISO 15189 which confirms and acknowledges our laboratories’ expertise, as well as the quality of the results we offer to our patients. Moreover, we have been the first private institution in Romania which gained the CONAS accreditation and earned the maximum score for each of our own hospitals.

ever since 2004.

CONAS certification is the most prestigious certification offered to hospitals in Romania and refers in the first place to the medical procedures management, as well as to the safety and the satisfaction levels of the patients. All in all, this accreditation involves the evaluation of over 1,850 indicators.

The implementation procedure was concluded with the scope of increasing the quality of the services offered in MedLife hospitals, ensuring a systematic approach in the organization management, which would reduce medical and nonmedical failings.

International Qualifications:

  • ISO 9001, which certifies both the quality of the services and that of the organization management;
  • ISO 14001, which certifies the key elements for a Management System of Operative Background;
  • ISO 18001, which certifies the management of health and employees’ safety;
  • ISO 15189, which confirms and acknowledges the expertise of the laboratories;
  • CONAS, which certifies the quality of the hospital services