Genitourinary surgery

The MedLife Urology Department provides diagnostic and treatment services for adults and children, engaging highly trained staff and last generation equipment. Our doctors are preoccupied to deliver best services, using their clinical experience and knowledge based on the latest advances in urology.

As an extension to routine surgical manoeuvres such as prostate surgery, or kidney stones surgical removal (ureteroscopy, lithotripsy) MedLife surgeons successfully perform kidney and bladder tumours removal surgery.


In addition, our specialists have the expertise to provide optimal solutions covering male sexual dysfunction situations


Urology surgery for children

  • Renal tumours extraction 
  • Hydronephrosis
  • Ureteral Reimplantation
  • Vesico ureteral reflux treatment
  • Hypospadias, ureteral reconstruction

Urology surgery for adults

  • Urologic endoscopic surgery:
  • Cystoscopy, ureteroscopy TURV, TURP
  • Urologic Surgical Oncology
  • kidney, prostate and bladder tumours
  • urethral malformations surgery
  • hypospadias, urethral reconstruction
  • penile implants