Client Testimonials

Check out some of our client testimonials below.

Adelaide, 38 years old, France

I reached MedLife and went directly into the emergency room. I came to Romania to attend a conference.Before arriving to Bucharest, absolutely out of nowhere I got a cystitis. As there were but a few days before the departure, I went to my family doctor who recommended antibiotics and painkillers treatment.

Sora, 42 years old, Italy

Early last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The first reaction I had was denial. After a few days, I started looking on the internet, talking to friends who recommended me to send my medical file to several hospitals, including Romania, because they had good references about MedLife.

Karin, 37, Germany

I learned about Dr. Dragos Albu from MedLife from a friend who has done several treatments in Romania. In the past 15 years I've made many efforts to get pregnant, but all with zero results and such great expense.