Sora, 42 years old, Italy


Early last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The first reaction I had was denial. After a few days, I started looking on the internet, talking to friends who recommended me to send my medical file to several hospitals, including Romania, because they had good references about MedLife. The first e-mail interactions with the team at Life Memorial Hospital were very good. They explained in great detail my situation, the treatment recommended and what to do next.


I came to Romania in good faith, and the team here recommended me at first to do a contrast agent breast ultrasound and a breast puncture biopsy. So, it was determined that the tumour had 32 cm, an irregular shape and was malignant. I was recommended chemotherapy which I followed for a few months. Later, I returned to Romania for the intervention. The tumour significantly reduced and the lymph nodes were not so protruding. I went through a radical mastectomy with complete axial lymphadenectomy. During the same surgery procedure my breast was reconstructed using a muscular-cutaneous flap from the abdomen.


Thanks to the general and plastic surgery team I am still a woman.