Infertility and assisted reproduction

And there will be as never before… specialists in vitro fertilization


The Centre of Maternal-Fetal and Assisted Human Reproduction in MedLife was founded as a consequence of the modern obstetrics and gynecology development, now including a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals, university professors and specialist with PhD degree in medicine, which provide excellent medical services in three main directions: maternal-fetal medicine, assisted human reproduction and medical genetics.


Maternal-fetal Medicine – deals with pre-conception consulting, the screening of chromosomal abnormalities in the first trimester of pregnancy, screening of congenital abnormalities in the second trimester with the help of highly proficient ultrasound equipment, invasive diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities (Down Syndrome,  Trisomie 18, Trisomie 13) and of genetic syndromes, through biopsies of corial villosities and amniocentesis, prenatal care, management of pregnancies with  increased risks.


Assisted Human Reproduction – the first service integrated by the Reproductive Medicine in Romania that comprises a team formed of specialists in assisted human reproduction, services of reproductive surgery, reproductive endocrinology, embryology, andrology, genetics, psychology and urology. Until now, our team diagnosed and treated over 2,000 couples with fertility problems, with a success rate of 35% in case of in vitro fertilization.


In this department, we offer the possibility of undergoing in vitro fertilization with ICSI for patients with obstructive azoospermia through testicular puncture, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, approaching female patient who have undergone recurrent abortions.


Genetic Medicine – deals with tracking down genetic abnormalities and functions deeply connected to maternal-fetal medicine and assisted reproductive medicine.