Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to MedLife?

When you decide to come to MedLife our team will contact you to arrange the transportation details. We will provide the support you need to buy plane tickets, we'll meet you at the airport and accompany you to each visit.

What language shall I talk with your doctors?

Even if our doctors speak at least two foreign languages, each patient benefits from an interpreter who would accompany him throughout his treatment. We provide translation services for various international languages. If you need a translator for a particular language, please let us know in advance.

Where can I get accommodation in Romania?

If your case does not require hospitalization, we shall arrange your accomodation with one of our partners (hotels). We'll take care of the room reservation, so you have fewer worries when you get to us..

Can I come with a companion?

If you wish to be accompanied by someone close, please tell us in advance. Our colleagues will make all arrangements and reservations required. Your companion can come and help you during consulting and investigations, and if you are hospitalized, they can stay in the same side-room with you.

What to do to make an appointment?

Fill out the online form, send it to us via e-mail or phone.
Please provide us the following information:

- Name, surname
- Birthdaybr
- Address, country of residencebr
- Medical informationbr
- Diagnostic and/or symptoms
- Information about health insurance, if applicable

What is the cost of interventions?

Depending on the medical problem signalled by mail, you will receive in advance a full evaluation of the costs your medical plan involves. Our colleagues will always be in contact with you for further details.

How to pay?

After evaluating the medical record, our team will send an estimated payment - all costs included, followed by exact payment methods.