Oncology and surgical oncology

Cancer cause major disturbances in a person's life, even if such word refers to a colleague, friend or family member. Men begin to search information, needing more support and care from others. Medical guidance, the correct diagnosis, effective treatment and services affordability are the most important steps in the fight to defeat cancer.


MedLife is among the few private operators in Romania actively observing oncologic pathology, developing a distinct department in this regard, which aims to cancer patients diagnosis and treatment.  We are continuously preoccupied choosing best treatment methods that provide best results for the patient.


The treatments we enact are based on patient surgeries,  performed by both laparoscopic and conventional surgical methods.


Studies show that at present, surgery remains the main method of  local-zonal treated cancer and in some cases even the only chance of cure.


Surgical manoeuvres practiced at MedLife:

  • oncological biopsy - taking a sample of abnormal tissue for examination in order to establish a diagnosis. The biopsy is performed when other tests and investigations have not provided a conclusive result. Oncological diseases suspicion of  can be confirmed or refuted using this procedure.
  • Tumour excision - a cancer affected portion of an organ or the whole organ surgical removal, if it shows the risk of metastasis.


We treat tumours of the following medical fields:


General Surgery:

  • Gastric tumours, rectal tumours, colon, liver tumours (primary and secondary) tumours of the pancreas


Gynaecological Surgery

  • Uterus tumours (cervix, endometrium) ovarian, vulvar, breast tumours
  • Urology
  • Kidney, prostate and bladder tumours