Orthopaedics & traumatology

Orthopaedy is a medicine branch that prevents, diagnoses and treats the musculoskeletal system diseases.


Because we pay a major attention to this medical discipline we have developed the MedLife Orthopaedic Hospital, the only private hospital in Romania dedicated to osteoarticular diseases.


It is organized in terms of European standards relative to medical protocols, comfort and equipment engaging modern diagnosis and treatment methods, but also a pleasant space in which the patient feels comfortable and confident.


We distinguish ourselves by integrated services offered in one single place (specialist consultations, laboratory investigations, medical imaging and surgery) international consultancy in collaboration with physicians from abroad on various interventions, emergency receiving ward and dedicated orthopaedic operating room.


In our hospital all musculoskeletal system diseases can be diagnosed, starting with congenital disorders, arthritis, back problems and also various trauma (generated consequences) problems.


Additionally, at MedLife you can get Shockwave therapy, an effective technique, internationally recognized for reducing pain, fighting inflammation and improving joint movement.


 It is recommended in the following situations: calcaneal spurs, shoulder tendon inflammation associated with calcification, patellar tendon inflammation, achiliean tendon inflammation, paravertebral muscle pain.

In our hospital we also address foot and ankle surgery.


Available interventions:

  • Hip Prosthesis
  • Knee Prosthesis (with personalized prosthetic )
  • Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • ligamentoplasties
  • meniscectomy
  • mounts surgery
  • complex fractures and delayed union / pseudarthrosis
  • deformities of the spine - scoliosis
  • discal hernias