Pediatric surgery

Pediatrics is one of the medical specialities that recommended us as the leading provider of private medical services in Romania.


Children anatomy is different from adults anatomy, so it requires special care and attention. We know this, and consequently we developed a hospital dedicated 100 % to children – the only private hospital of its kind in Romania and South East Europe.


Here at the Pediatric Hospital MedLife any surgery is regarded as a whole process, each stage reaching its professional maximum. Since your access in the hospital to admission and surgery, and finally to discharge, we try to make your little one experience more pleasant.


Our Surgery Department covers a wide range of surgery interventions, which are performed both by classic and laparoscopic approach. A valuable aid to the Transplant Surgery Department is the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) whose facilities and operational flow means full compliance with European standards.


We are the first private hospital in Romania that has the ability to perform laparoscopic and endo urology surgery in children - we associate endoscopic surgery with Karl Storz HD last generation equipment.


Available Interventions:

  • appendectomies
  • adenoidectomy
  • orchiopexies
  • hydrocell
  • phimosis
  • inguinal and umbilical hernias
  • intestinal intussusceptions
  • urology surgery
  • general ENT surgery
  • strabismus surgery