Laboratory Devices

MedLife is renowned for being the operator with the highest performance laboratory equipment in Romania. This fact sustains our ability to offer patients the best answers and the best treatments, which are conditioned by the accuracy of the tests and measurements performed.


Every day MedLife laboratories perform over 20.000 medical tests with the support of the technology provided by internationally acclaimed producers such as Abbott, Becton&Dikinson, Bio Rad, Sysmex, Siemens, Sebia, Roche, Instrumentation Laboratory.


We are proud to have equipment which is unique in Romania. Among these there is the Sanger sequencing platform (capillary electrophoresis), the gold standard in its field, as well as the state-of-the-art sequencing platform from Illumina (sequencing by synthesis). The new Illumina technology allows the outcome of high quality data which can be used to identify mutations both in normal tissue as well as in tumoral tissue. This equipment offers a series of specific advantages, compared to the Sanger technology (lower costs, the possibility of detecting rare mutations that are present in the sample), but at MedLife we use both technologies, according to the patient's needs.


The high performance of the equipment is maintained through permanent service and use of reactive substances from the original provider.


All laboratories are SR EN ISO 18159 certified