Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is definitely the most fascinating and constantly expanding surgery domain, as it meets our desires to improve appearance and mitigate time effects, and to appropriate certain imperfections or functional deficits.

The plastic surgeons team at MedLife addresses the full range of surgical and non-surgical beauty procedures: breasts reshaping,  body contour improvement (liposuction, abdominoplasty, autologous fat transfer), facial procedures (rhinoplasty, eyelid correction, ear correction, face lift), facial expression wrinkles alleviation, lips reshape, scar correction, and numerous reconstructive surgery interventions (hand surgery, skin tumours and soft tissue excision, tissue defects reconstruction).


Injectable Non-surgical  Cosmetic Procedures

  • Facial expression wrinkles alleviation and excessive sweating treatment by botulinum toxin injection
  • Shaping and increasing lip volume, wrinkles reduction by injecting resorbable filler products
  • Full facial and body treatment with Emax
  • Cellulite Treatment by body therapy including Velasmooth – the only FDA approved cellulite treatment, mesotherapy including lipolysis and cellulysis
  • Dermabrasion, the " Madonna" Treatment, iontophoresis, chemical peels, mesotherapy
  • Laser diode ultimate technology or high pulsed light permanent hair removal  
  • Scars correction including acne and stretch marks by laser and radio frequency FDA approved programs 


Aesthetic surgical interventions

  • Augmentation, reduction, lift, breast reshaping
  • Improved body contour: liposuction, vibro lipo aspiration, autologous fat transfer, abdominoplasty, labiaplasty, gynaecomastia
  • Facial Procedures: eyelids correction (blepharoplasty), ear correction (otoplasty) nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) lipofilling, facelift


Reconstructive surgical procedures

  • Hand Surgery
  • Skin Tumours Excision of Soft Parts
  • Scars Correction
  • Immediate / late / post mastectomy breast reconstruction