Adelaide, 38 years old, France


I reached MedLife and went directly into the emergency room. I came to Romania to attend a conference.Before arriving to Bucharest, absolutely out of nowhere I got a cystitis. As there were but a few days before the departure, I went to my family doctor who recommended antibiotics and painkillers treatment. The pains ceased for two days, but when I arrived in Romania the pain was back. I knew what to do... painkillers and antibiotics. It did not work, pain was still there and urinating went harder and harder. Then I called my insurer and asked them where to go... He recommended MedLife.


I arrived in the emergency room, and there I was recommended hospitalization to evaluate the situation. After that I went on with the analysis and had a CT to clarify the problem. The investigation revealed that between the urethral channel and bladder I had something that pressed and blocked urination. I was recommended to solve the problem surgically. I could have waited until I got back home, but they inspired my confidence and I decided to get rid of this issue. My surgery was conducted vaginally and my doctors extracted an infected paraurethral cyst. If I would have followed the cystitis treatment, I don't know what could have happened.


Thank you MedLife for promptness and professionalism.