Lena, 15 years old, Poland


I'm Lena and I can say that any doctor would frown looking over my medical report. I suffer from osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare disease characterized by extreme bones fragility. Because of this condition, over the years, I developed a very severe scoliosis, which without surgery, could lead to serious pulmonary complications and more. I searched the internet for some months, I sent my medical file to several large hospitals in Europe. The answers I received were either negative, giving me no hope, or implied great costs.


From Romania I was told that surgery can be done, performed by a foreign PHD collaborating with MedLife. I came full of  hope and I do not regret it. I got admitted the day before surgery, I did some more investigation and specialist consultations. Because of the deformity, for example, intubation was extremely difficult and simple tensiometer cuff positioning caused me fractures. Doctors met and found solutions so that I could be operated safely. The spine support and correction intervention by inserting a metal rod went well, and after three days I started recovering.


I want to thank to PHD. Dirk Uyttendaele from the Orthopaedic Hospital MedLife for another chance!