Vaginal cancer, treated successfully at MedLife


A new surgical intervention was successfully completed in the case of a patient aged 48, who suffered from primary vaginal cancer. This disease form is extremely rare and represents 2-3% of the gynecologic cancers. 


The patient came to MedLife after previously receiving a two years misdiagnosis treatment set by the doctor in her residence town. Therefore, vaginal cancer cells continued to develop. In the last years, the disease has evolved extremely fast because the patient's treatment favoured the cancer cells growth.


Reaching MedLife, the patient was seen by Cristian Gabriel Viişoreanu, MD, a general surgery specialist with breast ultrasound and interventional ultrasound expertise, who recommended the patient surgery in treating the disease as soon as possible. "The patient was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and for treatment I decided the best solution consisted of a large surgery (lymphadeno-histero-total colpectomy with bilateral anexectomy)," said Gabriel Viişoreanu, MD. 


Because patient's response to radiotherapy was very good, it was decided that the patient may benefit also of vaginal reconstruction, a decision confirmed by specialists' investigations. Thus, a team composed of Marian Iliescu, MD, Consultant in Obstetrics-Gynaecology, and Gabriel Viişoreanu, MD, specialist in general surgery, treated the cancer the patient suffered, while Catalin Stângu, MD, Consultant in plastic surgery, performed the vaginal reconstruction for a patient that would continue to have a normal life. The intervention was successfully completed and the patient was discharged a few days after surgery.