Faida M. , Lebanon


I want to thank Dr. Alexandru Ulici and the Orthopaedic Hospital MedLife team that managed to restore hope for my children. Being twins, they were born with a rare congenital malformation called bilateral helical leg. By age 14, they went through several unsuccessful surgeries in Lebanon. We addressed several orthopedists in Europe, but in the end I chose Romania for the doctor's experience in such cases, and reduced costs.


The operations were carried out in several stages, difficult due to the initial deformation, with added complications resulting from the first failed surgeries. Dr. Ulici executed for each foot an intervention called triple modified arthrodesis (or triple arthrodesis Nove - Josserand), and the result was favourable. Today, my two children are taking their first steps and although they have many physiotherapy sessions waiting for them ahead, also, they’ve got many miles to go.


We thank you, MedLife!

Faida M.