MedLife Centers of Excellence

MedLife Excellence Centres - Accurate diagnosis

The 10 Centres of excellence have been specially created to diagnose and treat specific problems in the fields of:  psychiatry and psychotherapy, aesthetic dermatology, gastroenterology, proctology, thyroid diseases, maternal-fetal conditions, assisted human reproduction and onco-aesthetic surgery.

To ensure a precise diagnosis, we make use of the most proficient medical equipment:

  • PILLCAM SB2 with video capsule –the most proficient non-invasive endoscopy system;
  •  e-Max Triniti –unique dermato-aesthetic technology in Romania – total facial rejuvenation after one session; 
  •  Osteodensitometry DEXA – a paraclinic investigation which helps measuring bone density;
  •  3 Tesla NMR – the most proficient magnetic resonance device

MedLife Excellence Centres:

  • Excellence Centre in Thyroid Pathology
  • Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic, DermaLife
  • Centre of Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis, Obesity and Thyroid diseases
  • Centre of Physio Kinetotherapy and Medical Recovery
  • Centre of Oncoplastic Surgery
  • Centre of Herniology
  • Centre of Excellence in Gastroenterology
  • Centre of Maternal-fetal Medicine and Assisted Human Reproduction
  • Centre of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy MindCare
  • Centre of Proctology