Health begins with the right diagnosis!

Get the second medical opinion
for MRI or CT investigations

72 hours

MedLife launches Second Opinion, the premium medical imaging service for re-evaluating MRI or CT investigations..

You are one step away from an effective treatment. Your computer tomography and magnetic resonance results will be checked by top specialists to help you reach a correct diagnosis, following an additional evaluation.

In a short time and without having to come to the clinic, you will receive a second medical opinion for MRI or CT investigation from the MedLife medical specialists, the leader of private medicine in Romania with millions of satisfied patients.

Three steps for a second opinion on MRI or CT investigations:

  1. 1.

    Send the MRI or CT documents to the Second Opinion team

  2. 2.

    Pay for the Second Opinion service the unique amount of 190 €

  3. 3.

    Get the second opinion delivered by e-mail within 72 business hours.

For more information, you can contact us at +40.749.070.713

Why Second Opinion for MRI or CT:

Medical diagnosis is more advanced than ever, but evaluating the most appropriate treatment is a sensitive step that often depends on the particularities of the condition. By asking for a second medical opinion from the MedLife medical specialists, you will have more information to help you reach the correct diagnosis.


Only results of MRI or CT investigations can be sent.
You need to fill in the form in the footer of the page, where you enter your medical data and documents for MRI or CT investigations. You are one step closer to a treatment chosen based on a correct diagnosis!
First of all, you should upload the file available on the CD received after the CT or MRI investigation in the form in footer of the page. Second, the your medical history must be loaded. Diagnosis for which the examination was performed and results of previous examinations.
Access to the Second Opinion evaluation service is done by completing an online form and uploading medical documents, so the service can be used anywhere.
You can pay for the additional evaluation service by card, through the secure online payment platform MobilPay.
The unique fee for a Second Opinion is 190 €.
The "Second Opinion" additional evaluation is recommended to facilitate a correct diagnosis for all situations requiring MRI or CT investigations.

The Second Opinion analysis takes up to 72 business hours.

The MedLife medical specialists offer a second opinion based on previous examinations, an in-depth analysis of medical imaging. The diagnosis is given by the medical practitioner based on the medical history and the entire investigation circuit.

The Second Opinion MedLife Medical Team

Millions of patients have trusted us in searching the best solutions to their medical needs. The MedLife medical specialists are passionate professionals, ready to help anytime, and the most important resource of our work.

MedLife Second Opinion Doctors

Radiology - Medical Imaging Primary Physician, Nuclear Medicine Specialist
Professional Experience

2017 - Radiology & Medical Imaging University Lecturer at University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj

2015 - Nuclear Medicine Specialist at University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj

2014 - Project Manager Certification

2012 - Head of Radiology and Medical Imaging at University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

2010 - Radiology and Medical Imaging Primary Physician

2009 - Doctor in medical sciences at University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

2006 - Complementary Studies in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

2005 - Computed Tomography Competency Certificate

2005 - Radiology and Medical Imaging Specialist

2005 - Assistant Professor at University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

2000-2005 - Radiology and Medical Imaging Resident

2000 - University lecturer at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova.

Radiology - Medical Imaging Primary Physician with CT and MRI competencies
Professional Experience

2011 - Primary Physician Exam.

2007 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging Obtinere complementary studies.

2006 - Computed Tomography Obtinere complementary studies.

2006 - Radiology - Medical Imaging Exam.

1999-2001 - General Practitioner in Sadova, Dolj county, Romania.

1997 - General Practitioner Exam.

Radiology Primary Physician Medical Imaging
Professional Experience

2017: Ultrasound Medical Colaborator, MedLife

2015: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Medical Colaborator, Eligon Medical Center

2013: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography Medical Colaborator, Diagnostic Center

2013: Ultrasound Medical Colaborator, Dr. Pirgaru Medical Center

2009: Ultrasound Medical Colaborator, Medlife

2006: Ultrasound Medical Colaborator, Pan Med Clinic

2009 - 2016: Radiology and Medical Imaging Primary Physician (MRI and CT), Diagno Medical Center

2006 - 2009: Radiology and Medical Imaging Specialist (Radiology & Ultrasound), Helios Policlinic

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