Why Medical Genetics?

The most complex centre of genetics and molecular biology in Romania

MedLife Genetics is the most complex centre of genetics and molecular biology in Romania.


We have formed teams of specialists, with national and international expertise, which stay at your disposal to monitor, even at distance, your health condition in the context of genetic problems.


We offer the largest portfolio of genetic and molecular biology analyses: test of genetic predisposition (the predisposition test for 42 common diseases – unique in Romania), oncogenetic tests, pharmacogenetics, tests for the diagnosis of thrombophilies, test for identification of the involved mutations in genetic diseases, tests for prenatal diagnosis, test of infertility, paternity  tests and tests for the diagnosis of infectious agents.


The tests are performed in our laboratory according to international standards and protocols.


The tests results are treated in strict confidentiality.


We make use of unique technology in Romania, a technology renowned and appreciated globally, which will ensure you and your doctor that the genetic information provided is relevant, correctly analyzed and easy to interpret. Among the innovative equipment available in our Centre there is also our state of the art sequencer from Illumina that ensures highly accurate and precise results.


We also offer the possibility of customizing the tests.