The MRI investigation cannot be performed on patients which:


•have medical implant devices (e.g.: cardiac stimulator, cochlear implant and other bio stimulators);

•are wearing prosthetic denture/ ferromagnetic osteosynthesis material;

•have valvular cardiac prosthetics, vascular stents or any other metallic implants that are deemed incompatible with the MRI investigation;

•women during their first trimester of pregnancy.


Due to the long examining period and the necessity to adhere to the instructions of the medical personnel, young children and agitated patients need to be sedated. It is very important for the clarity of the image and the quality of the final outcome, that during the investigation the patient lies still and remains as relaxed as possible; as for the cases of the upper abdominal examination, the patients are supposed to respect the respiratory commands.


Claustrophobia is a relative contraindication, patients suffering from this condition may be sedated so that the investigation is carried out safely with a certain level of comfort for the patient.