Preparing for MRI testing

In some cases - depending on the used MRI device and the type of investigation procedure - the doctor may ask you not to eat anything for 3-6 hours before the testing. Unless specified by the doctor, you may follow your daily routine and, if you're following a certain prescription, you may take your medicine normally. Certain investigations may require that the patient is administered by ingestion or injection a contrast medium, for a better visualization of the internal organs. If so, the procedure is carried out by our medical staff.


Before the examination you must take off your jewelry, watch, glasses, hairpins and remove all other objects that may contain any metal (fountain pen, keys, coins, hearing aids, piercings). Also, you need to know that during the examination, certain tattoos made with metallic pigments may give you a local feeling of warming up.


You need to inform the doctor if you're suffering from any kind of medical illness or if you have recently undergone a surgery.


In case you are wearing an intrauterine device you need to let your OB-Gyn specialist know before undergoing an MRI examination, or ask the radiology technician about the compatibility of wearing that device during the investigation. Although it hasn't been proved that the MRI might influence the evolution of pregnancy, it is best recommended that you avoid this kind of investigation during the first trimester of pregnancy.