What diseases does it detect?

What is diagnosed by means of MRI?


The MRI screening is used to diagnose degenerative, inflammatory, tumoral and post-traumatic pathology: of the spine (e.g. spinal disc herniation), of skeletal muscles (arthritis, ligament or meniscal injury or tears etc.), of the central nervous system (e.g. strokes, tumors etc.), of the mammal gland.


The MRI investigation is more accurate than the CT-scan in revealing a wide variety of pelvic and abdominal illnesses, and it is indicated for revealing and diagnosing malignant genital lesions in both female and male patients, even from very early stages. The MRI allows visualization of small lesions, fine vascular and nervous structures, and permits multiplanar reconstructions. For a better revelation of some lesions, the doctor may recommend that the patient is administered a contrast medium.