What does the examination consist of?

During an MRI investigation the patient is seated on a bed-like platform which slides inside the machine. The cylindrical device contains a magnet which generates a strong magnetic field around the patient. Through the radio signals, the gathered information is sent to a computer which analyzes it and converts it into 2D (two-dimensional) or a 3D (three-dimensional) image. The magnetic field's strength is measured in Tesla (T) and it is pivotal for the clarity of the image. The quality of the image is directly connected to the strength of the magnet.  MedLife owns both a 1.5 Tesla MRI device and a 3 Tesla MRI device - the latter being the best medical imaging equipment in Romania.


During the scanning process, the patient may hear some noises from the machine, which is perfectly normal for this kind of investigation. Throughout the examination, the patient remains in contact with the supervising medic via intercom.

It is adamant that, during examination, the patient remains still, so that the resulting images are as clear as possible.